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Year 5- September 2020

A very warm welcome to your new class! I am delighted to be your teacher in September. keep checking back on this page over the summer. I shall add more to our page each week. 

On this page I hope to introduce you to the Year 5 classroom and tell you a little bit about what to expect when you come back to school in September. Normally we would spend some time together in school so that you could get to know me and I could tell you all about the exciting things that I have planned for you. This year is a little bit different- but we will make it just as fun and exciting. I am really looking forward to teaching you and watching you learn- Miss Hunter has told me great things about the class and how keen and enthusiastic you all are about learning. 

I will teach you every day, but for one day each week Mrs Cala will teach you. She is new to Holy Family but I know you will love all the things that she has planned for you. Art is her favourite subject- she is an amazing artist so she will teach you art, as well as maths and English every Thursday. 

PE lessons will be taught by Mr Seuke and Mr O'Brien- they are both much better at teaching PE than me.

I am going to set you some challenges to complete over the summer- a challenge a week. You can do them all at once or you can choose to complete one each week.

Challenge 1- send me a picture of yourself reading in an unusual place. Send your picture to

Challenge 2- Make a shoe box that describes you.

Challenge 3- Write a letter to me- tell me all about yourself, what your favourite subjects, tell me about your family and your hobbies. Email me your letter to

Challenge 4-Write 5 questions that you would like to ask me. Have them ready for our first day in September.

Challenge 5- Draw round your hands (left and right- you might need someone to help you). On each finger of your left hand write five things you expect from yourself in Year 5. On each finger of your right hand, write five things you expect from me as your classteacher. 

Challenge 6- Get yourself ready to come back to school. Start going to bed by half past eight, get up at the time you would normally get up when you go to school, organise your school bag, try on your school uniform, read every night and enjoy the last few days of the holidays. 

I can't wait to have you in the Year 5 classroom in september- we will have a great year together.