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Writing Wonder Wall

Writing Wonder Wall…Wow!                                                         

We are all aiming to be brilliant writers here at Holy Family. We want people to read our writing and say…”WOW!”

Here are this week’s wonderful writing examples for our Writing Wonder Wall.  Let’s build this wall together!

Key Stage 1

A Fairytale setting by Aiofe Judge (Year 2)

I can feel the fresh air. The leaves are a s soft as a feather and the colours I can see are beautiful. I can see the love floating in the air and touching me ever so lightly. I wish the day would never end. I can see a bird bath with two birds in it and there is a bird in the tree.

Key Stage 2

The Lonely Penny – A poem by Eleanor Sandri-Healy (Year 6)

Ten years I’ve sat on this cobbled road,

Lonely, worried and just plain scared.

Scared of what will become of me,

Yet not scared of what I’ve become.

I am old and worn away; no longer bronze but rusty and grey.

I used to be important!

I used to be worth something… I was pencils, pens, pads and glue.

But now I am ‘just a penny’.

I am nothing.

What worth am I to you?


Emotions by Harry O'Connor Year 5

  • Disappointment is when it is Christmas and you wake up and you are poorly.
  • Disappointment is when on your birthday your sister gets a present for no good reason.
  • Disappointment is when on the weather channel says it is going to snow but the next morning it doesn’t.
  • Disappointment is when you are chosen for a team then in the morning there is a phone call and it has been cancelled.


  • Happiness is when you get a cat or dog for the very first time.
  • Happiness is getting the most stuff you wanted for Christmas.
  • Happiness is finishing a book with a brilliant ending knowing there are more books by the same author.
  • Happiness is when all your friends make you laugh.


  • Anger is getting into a fight.
  • Anger is getting blamed for something that your sister did.
  • Anger is getting told off  for no reason.
  • Anger is someone getting you into trouble.