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Why I Love Holy Family...

We started by asking our children in Year 6 why they love our school. Here are a few reasons they gave...

'Every morning I get out of my bed as quickly as I can because I love Holy Family. I love being in Year 6, it's so magical and fun.'

'I love Holy Family because we really ARE like a family. Everyone knows everyone else and the teachers are wonderful! Everyone is lovely and smiley all the time and it makes school fun.'

'I love Holy Family because we pass on the flame of God's kindness'

'Since the day I joined Holy Family I have felt very welcome here. I love everything that I do here. It's lovely!'

'Holy Family is special because we're all a big family and we work hard helping ourselves and others to achieve their goals. Everybody is friends with everybody else and that makes it the best school imaginable.'

'I love Holy Family. Bullying is not accepted here. It's easy to make friends in this family. We respect and care for others. Maybe you could join our welcoming Holy Family too'

'Holy Family is a place to be treasured. It's an exciting and fun school for all primary students. We are just like a family and get on with each other really well.'

My thanks to the children of Year 6 for their eloquent and thoughtful responses. Next time we will talk to children in Key Stage One!

This week I spoke to children in Year 2 and asked them why they love Holy Family. This is what they said...

  • 'Because I've got lots of friends who care for me, never give up on me and are always there when I need them'
  • 'It's a holy school and we pray to God'
  • 'People are always there for me and they show that they love me'
  • 'We've got lots of friends and we keep everyone safe'
  • 'Because our school is a whole family and we play happily together'
  • 'Because everyone cares about each other and we have the love of God in our school'
  • 'Because we share the love of God and we are ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! (spoken with great enthusiasm and pride!)

Thank you to all the wonderful children from Year 2 who were only too happy to talk to me. All these responses are totally genuine and all were accompanied  by wide smiles! More responses in September when we begin our new school year!

Here we are again, another school year has begun and I've been out and about asking our children why they love Holy Family. This week I caught up with our current Year 1 & Year 2 children. This is what they said:

  • 'Because we all show love for each other'
  • 'Because we learn lots of interesting things and have lots of kind friends'
  • 'Because everyone is kind and joyful and we help each other every day'
  • 'Because we've got lots of great teachers and everyone cares for each other'
  • 'Because everyone is happy and it is a really special place'
  • 'Because we have really nice, interesting Assemblies'
  • 'Because we all listen carefully to what we are supposed to do'
  • 'Because we believe in our school name'
  • 'Because we love God and follow Him'

And, to sum up the feelings of all those I spoke to, came this gem from a Year 2 boy & a Year 2 girl...

'Every day at 3 o'clock I don't want to go home, I just want to stay at school!'

'I never want to leave Holy Family, it's the best school in the world'

Next time I will be quizzing the staff about they they love working at Holy Family so much. Their responses will be right here!

Well, here I am again, it's approaching Christmas and I have finally caught up with our wonderful staff to ask them for their opinions. With skilful, precision time- management, I questioned them when the staff room table was crammed full of tasty chocolate treats; it's rule number one of being a manager...always pick your moments carefully. Anyway, here is what they had to say:

'I love Holy Family because everyone here matters. It really is one big happy family'

'Now that I work at Holy Family, for the first time ever, I actually look forward to coming to work'

'Because I felt like part of the team from the very first day. Also, there's quite a lot of biscuits...' - pick your moments carefully, it's rule number one of management :)

'We are one big, happy team where everyone is valued and appreciated for the talents they have'

'Everyday brings something new, everyday we laugh at something funny. Everyday we know that we are part of one happy & Holy Family.' 

'The children are wonderful'

'I love the children, all the staff and parents. It's a wonderful school and a wonderful place to work'

Thank you to all the staff who contributed whilst enjoying the tasty treats.

Today I bumped into a Year 2 girl who showed me the following poem she had written at home all about her love of Holy Family. Thank you so much to Abigail for sharing these lovely thoughts with us all:

  • School is great because you get to do lots of fun work and have playtime with your friends.
  • School is great because you get to go to Assembly.
  • School is great because you get to have school dinners.
  • School is great because you get to play with all your best friends.
  • School is great because you get to bring in your toys for show and tell.
  • By Abigail Jolley (Year 2)