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When I grow up...

Who would have thought that all these beautiful babies dreamt of working at the best school in the world? Can you guess who these beautiful babies are? 

When I grow up?

I shall post the answers on Friday- happy watching. 

So the news you've all been waiting for:

1. Mrs Sweeting

2. Mrs Willgoose

3. Mrs O'Connor

4. Ms Quinn

5. Mrs Bewley

6. Mrs Holt

7. Mrs Scott

8. Mrs Clay

9. Mrs King

10. Mrs Skinner

11. Mrs Sharples

12. Mrs Troll

13. Mrs Clarke

14. Mrs Capindale

15. Mrs Rawlinson

16. Mrs Osborn

17. Mrs Carter

18. Mrs O'Neil

19. Mr Tindall

20. Mrs Ferryman

21. Miss Hunter

22. Miss Hodson

23. Mrs Evans

I hope you have all enjoyed seeing how much we have changed and grown up! Next week you could share a baby picture with your teacher.