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Week 4

Monday 22nd June.


1. Spelling Test

2. SPaG. Recognise and use verbs.

Read story 8 attached below with your child. Ask them to listen out for any verbs as they listen. (Verbs are action words e.g. crawl, walk, dance, run)

Then complete the recognising verbs activity sheet.

3. Maths

Interactive clock: 

Show children a time to the half hour. Ask them to look at the hour and minute hand. What do they notice?

Work through slides 3-14. Children should use their clocks from last week to show times to half past. It is really important that they acknowledge that the hour hand goes between two numbers when the minute hand is at half past.

4. Phonics- please follow lesson 6 on our phonics page


Choose an activity to complete from the page below.

Holy Family whole school learning projects