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Week 3

Monday 15th June.


1. Spelling Test

2. SPaG. How the Prefix 'un' changes the meaning of a word.

Watch this video with your child, it explains that prefixes change the meaning of the word. It talks about 4 prefixes but we only want to focus on the prefix un today. (1:33-2:04 on the video)

Then complete page 6 of the spag booklet we have been using for the last 3 weeks.

3. Maths

New topic: Time

Starter- discuss the definition of the words before, after, first, next, then. Try writing a sentence of a whiteboard/ paper using one of these words.

Look at slides 2-12 of the powerpoint. Try and use language such as: before, after, first, next, then and finally to describe, sort and order the events.

Practical task: sorting events. Cut out the pictures and place them under the headings 'before school' and 'after school' correctly. Children should be challenged to provide reasoning for their answers. Challenge: then sort the cards into morning, afternoon and evening then write sentences to describe the events using language before, after, morning, afternoon and evening.


Worksheet task: complete the sentences using key terminology then stick events in order creating first, next, then, now sentences.

4. Phonics- please follow lesson 1on our phonics page


Choose an activity to complete from the page below.

Holy Family whole school learning projects