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Week 2- Our Wonderful Work

This week we have been learning about whales; killer whales and blue whales. The children have sent me in lots of pictures of their home learning. Here is their work below. You should all be incredibly proud of yourselves. 

AM- Has writing a great advert for a under the sea band, he used lots of different sentence types. 

AS has been very busy with his learning this week. He has also created an advert for an under the sea concert, he has written a non- chronological report, created a whale picture and built a whale watching boat out of Duplo. A super week! 



CC has been working really hard at home as well. He drew a picture of his image whilst listening to music, completed his non- chronological report, he was very helpful at home with the help of the Holy Spirit. Well done CC!



CC has been researching killer whales, she wrote a non- chronological report and created this beautiful picture of a killer whale. Well done CC. 


ET- ET went on a special job with her Dad to deliver PPE equipment. ET has been very busy with her work this week too. Well done ET great writing. 


FA- FA has been enjoying learning about whales, she has written a great concert poster using lots of different sentence type. She also wrote a non-chronological report about whales and created this beautiful picture of whales. Well done!


HS has had a great week learning about whales and our oceans. He has written an advert for an under the sea concert using different sentence types, researched and has written a non- chronological report about blue whales and painted one too. He also found out about our oceans and sang me a great song about them. 


IB has been sent in some of her work this week, she drew a beautiful picture of the image she saw whilst listening to music. She wrote different sentence types to advertise an under the sea concert. She also made a robot, well done!


JT has been very busy and always sends me lots of photos of his week. My favourite photo this week was that he got to gold on his chart at home! Well done! Here are some pictures of his work as well. 



LC has also been sending me lots of work this week. He has been working really hard on his writing again this week. Well done!



LR has also been working hard this week. Well done, lots of great writing!


MK has written a great advert for an under the sea concert, which included lots of different sentence types. She also painted a super picture of a blue whale. Well done!


MT has been taking on extra learning and has been doing some of the tasks his brother has been set and made a great duck. He also enjoyed researching about whales too this week. Well done a great week for you! 


RS, has also enjoyed learning about whales, she told me lots of facts about them on Purple Mash. Here is her research and report. Well done! 


SH has sent me in her sentence work from Monday, well done I can see you are trying really hard with your writing. Keep up the good work. 

JT, DP and CC all enjoyed writing down three things that they are grateful for this week as part of their PSHE learning. 


Thank you to everyone who has sent in their work this week. It is so nice to see what everyone is up to. School related and in your spare time. Well done to everybody, you really are trying your best with home learning. 

Mrs Osborn