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Week 11

I can't believe we're nearly at the end of Year 3. Two more weeks and then it is the summer holidays. How that is possible I do not know, but I do want to say that you have been amazing, You will all have had your own different experiences of lock-down, but you should all feel very proud of the role you have played. Stand tall and remember that.

This week we will be looking at the Celtic way of life in Britain, and how this was impacted by the invasion of the Romans. You will be writing a Wanted Poster for Boudicca, the Queen of the Iceni Tribe. You can do this on Purplemash if you choose. I will set it as a 2Do.


For Maths, we will be looking at Mass and capacity. Last week finished with time, and it reminded me how difficult it is to teach time, using a clock face, when we are surrounded by digital times. I wanted to recommend a clock and a wristwatch that I personally use (and have no associations with!) which, with regular use, can easily support your child with this! Easy Read Time Teacher Watches and Clocks I've got one for Emilia, and I will be getting her the clock at some point. We have the clock in the Year 3 classroom. The 'past' and 'to' watch and clock is the one we would use for Year 3, as they are Year 3 Maths learning objectives. I just thought you might be interested, as they are so easy to use. 

The Maths links for the week are as below:

Video Links for Mon - Thurs Maths