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Week 1 and 2

Hello, welcome to Week 1 and 2 of the Summer Term!

To start us off, I'd like to draw your attention to our collective worship plans, which I have attached below. The videos will not work from the PDF version.

OVERVIEW Below, you you will see attachments for the first two week plan. I will still create a daily tab to provide a reminder for each day and to say hello, but everything you will be working on is below. This will enable you to get organised in a way that will work for you and your family. So if you need to get organised ahead of time, look below. If you prefer to work on a daily basis, I will be doing the daily message with work, but this will just be copied and pasted from the plans I've already attached below. I will also attach the worksheets each day on the daily tabs, but these will also be the same that are attached below. 

MATHS PLANNING - Follow SPRING WEEK 2 lesson 5 and SUMMER WEEK 1 and SUMMER WEEK 2, which has the daily video with worksheet plus answers for your parents. Mrs Clay will also be posting her own Home Learning on a Friday to do with Measurements, which you must complete. You can also do the White Rose Friday challenge if you like.

The link to the Maths that we will be following is:

We will try to catch up with the last lesson from the Spring Term (Equivalent Fractions 1) before starting the work for the Summer Term dated as on the link on the first day, so we can work in sync with the White Rose Home Learning site.


ENGLISH PLANNING - Week 1  and Week 2 plans and worksheets etc are attached below. 

We are studying our new book The Iron Man for our new topic Robot Revolution.

Spellings and Handwriting:

Week 1 - No test but new spellings to learn (tested on Tuesday following week) plus

                    Handwriting sheet.

Week 2 - Test of Week 1 words. New spellings to learn. Handwriting sheet.