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Wednesday 7th July 2021

Hello Year 3!

This is not what I was expecting when I left school last night, but don't you worry, we will still do lots of super learning and then when we gather at school again, we can celebrate in full Roman glory! We will get stuck into all the Design and Technology we love to do, so all your cardboard tubes will still be put to good use, and we will make some roman purses too! We'll arrange the dress up day for then as well.


Today, for English, I'd like you to watch the film clip about Vesuvius and complete the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius Senses Sheet. Try to think of some powerful adjectives to include what you can hear, feel, see and smell. Keep this work safe, and then we'll use it tomorrow. I'd rather you do less writing, but focus on the quality of your writing. It should have your best handwriting, be properly punctuated, and try to find out how to spell all the words you use. You can use the sheet below or just write it out neatly on any paper you have at home.

Vesuvius Film Clip


For Maths, it's all about drawing accurately today. So try to track down a ruler and remind yourself about centimetres (cm) and millimetres (mm)

Maths White Rose Video - Draw Accurately



I'd like you to research famous Italian landmarks, and then choose one Italian landmark and write about it / draw it. This is an open-ended activity, so you may choose to do a poster, a PowerPoint presentation, or colour and label one of the colouring sheets. Look at the 'Italy Today Slide', to help you, and the videos. There's lots more information, if you need it, on the Italy Today Work too, but don't get too bombarded!

All Roads Lead to Rome Video Clip

I'll arrange a Teams catch up for tomorrow so I can see all your smily faces.

Take care Year 3. You are all amazing.

Mrs Willgoose