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Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning everyone!

Topic / Literacy

I hope you have enjoyed learning about baby animals this week. Have you noticed that some baby animals don’t look like their mothers? Today we are going to learn that some baby animals hatch from eggs and other do not.

Watch these two little clips to start…

Part 1

Part 2

Follow up activity

Can you sort the animals into the correct group? Scroll down to print the ‘egg or not’ activity. If you haven’t got a printer, you could make a diagram in your book; divide the page in half and draw animals that lay / don’t lay eggs.


Today we are going to learn the digraph OW. To start, click to enjoy one of our favourite stories...


Follow up activity

Scroll down to open the Ow word list - how many words can you read?

NB. Parents; once your child is confident reading the words, practise writing some on a whiteboard. Call out a word orally and see if your child can write it. If this is too easy, dictate a sentence for them to write, eg, 'The brown cow and an owl’



Today we are going to learn about ordering numbers. Click on the link for a cool video...

Follow up activity

Scroll down to print off an ordering number activity. NB Parents, please choose a number range according to the stage of your child.

Explorers - RE

Parents. If possible light a candle and be still. Listen to this quiet music from school.

Calming music for children

Say this little prayer together...

Children's Prayer | Prayers for children, Childrens prayer, Bedtime prayer

Click on the link for today's lesson...