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Wednesday 3rd February

For resources mentioned below, see class one drive 

Good morning Year 6, 

Welcome to Wednesday. We have lots of learning for you to do today including lots of practical tasks, so pens, pencils, paper, scissors and imaginations ready! 

Here is our timetable - 

Early work – Spag Ninja from learning pack – mark your own and highlight any wrong answers.  Then please do the  ‘Reports’ sheet from learning pack (it has a picture of a dinosaur on the right of the page) 

Maths - L.O. - I can calculate the percentage of an amount  We will be practising the skill of percentage bubbles. We had a go at this before Christmas so hopefully that will help you with today's learning.  You will need the percentage bubbles blank sheet and the percentage bubbles sheet from the bottom of this page. You might also need your maths textbook page 65 and there is a fortune teller you can make for fun if you have time. 

In English We will be continuing with our thinking from yesterday -Writing to persuade.  I will work with you to introduce today's task. We are going to start by looking at advertising and how language is used to persuade a reader of viewer to buy the product. You will need the Instruction sheet below,  the advertising checklist, some paper and felt pens or coloured pencils for this lesson. 

Science - Today you are going to use all of your new knowledge about classification to create and classify your very own creature. Here is a video for you to watch our lesson today at 1.40. click here You will need to design your creature and you can use the sheet below to help with this. Then use your creature's features to decide whether it is a mammal, a reptile, a bird, a fish, an amphibian or an insect. The Animal Groups posters will help you with this. You will need to research animals which are similar to yours to decide what its habitat will be, what it eats, and to come up with some additional information about your animal. Then we will start next week's lesson by sharing our creations! 

What a great day! 

Mrs Holt and Mrs Ferryman x