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Wednesday 3rd February


Happy Wednesday everyone :-) See you at 8.45 for our check in. 

True or False?

The pattern is going back in 8's consecutively.

96, 88, 80, 71, 64, 56, 48, 40, 32, 24, 16, 8, 0

We're motoring through the week. Let's keep going and feel proud of ourselves.

Handwriting - how is your handwriting coming along? Keep having a go, to work towards being ready for pen. When we are back together, I hope to be getting as many as you possible started on pens. I have a few spare handwriting lined exercise books available if you are interested. Just ask. You can have a go at writing your spelling words today. 

Maths Teams at 9.15

In today's lesson, we will be exploring division with remainders. We will be doing a live lesson activity together. Please bring along 30 counters (dried pasta will be fine) to investigate making groups. Plus your whiteboard and pen.

Once the session is over, you can investigate sharing your counters in different ways, making sure each group is equal. Can you write down the different equations (sums) you make? What are the remainders, if any, for each equation (sum)? 

Then, if you feel like extending and really challenging yourself, you can have a go at these. Look carefully at what they have done in the method to complete these. These all divide equally, but you are exchanging within the numbers. 

Answers below for self marking:

English Teams at 11 - We will be looking at different forms of information texts. We will start planning a piece of writing for our website, explaining the process of mummifying tomatoes. 

Afternoon Teams at 1.30: Express Yourself

This afternoon, our session will focus on the theme of 'Express Yourself'. We are going to try and encourage others to be creative and share some of our ideas for doing so, whether that be through art, dance, music, cooking, making, writing, acting etc; there are lots of ways to be creative. Perhaps this afternoon you can share some of the ways you express yourself?  What makes you who you are? How do you show this? Bring a square piece of paper, as in the Live session, we are going to have a go at origami. More origami ideas below. 

Click here for Parents link to Express Yourself

How to make an origami dog

Click here to have a go at some more origami


Part of the Puzzle - The video clip introducing the idea.

#partofthepuzzle on Vimeo

The puzzle piece template is attached below.

True or False Answer

False. For this to be true, it should be 72, not 71.