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Wednesday 2nd March

The children have PE at 9am (with Mr Seuke's coaches) 

followed by Music 9.40 am (with Miss Hunter). 


After play, the children have Paired Reading with Reception Class


White Rose Teaching Video Add Money

Teaching Powerpoint and worksheet attached below.

Extension - Some children may be able to do page 99 (addition questions only) from Target Your Maths textbook, writing answers in their exercise books.

After school, I believe most of the children are staying for First Holy Communion preparation classes.



Teacher to model write some ideas for a Wanted Poster for the Iron Man.

Children to briefly start their Wanted Poster for the Iron Man (see yesterday's English on here for context). As today is busy, they will finish this tomorrow. There is a template, which top half can be used for all, with the whole sheet being used for LA. Do in topic books. There is also an example of a short Wanted poster attached.


Wellbeing Wednesday After lunch break, the children will probably be visited by some Wellbeing Ambassadors from Yr5, who lead a short mindfulness activity with the class.


Similar to last week, children to sketch using their drawing pencils (stored under sink) to sketch and annotate pictures of the Iron Man in their sketchpads (in cupboard left of sink), but this time to sketch the image by the illustrator  Adam Davidson. Andrew Timothy Davidson (born 13 May 1958) is a British artist. His book illustrations include two novels by Ted HughesThe Iron Man (1985 edition, orig. 1968) and its sequel The Iron Woman (1993). He tends to use a scale of greys when drawing. OR do the half / half sketch, as shown below.