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Wednesday 27th January

Hello everyone,

I hope you're all well?

I just wanted to say that I got home last night and decided to have a bit of a snoop around on our online platforms. Some of you have been busy bees on Times Tables Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Purplemash. We're 3rd place in the school on Spelling Shed, so well done everyone :-). 

Particular shout outs:

Times Tables Rockstars:

11th place in school: Dominik who has increased his average time to answer a times tables question from 7 seconds to 5 seconds. Getting speedy Dominik!

17th place in school: Mary who has increased her average time to answer a times tables question from 20 seconds to just 7 seconds. Amazing!

Shout Outs for Spelling Shed - Congratulations to you all!

Within the top 50 across the school:

6th            Dominik

11th         Mary

14th         Freya

32nd        Jessica

33rd         James

37th         Izzy

41st         Sophia H

42nd       Carly

49th        Macey

You also might want to look on Purplemash. There are lots of things to keep you busy and learning on there. I've set some Maths games and an Egyptian scene you can have a go at animating. It's called '2animate' if I remember rightly, and you can select the pyramid background, and then paint a scene on each. If you press play it then tells a little story. Check it out :-) You can submit any of your work too, by saving it into the Year 3 folder. 

Thank you also for turning up to our Teams meetings. I do keep an eye on who is there, and I know Mr. Tindall keeps a close interest, so I'm very proud when I tell him who is there and how you are doing. Also, when you are submitting work, remember to click on the little 'i' on the top right hand corner, in your named folder on One Drive' and it gives you the opportunity to see my feedback and for you to feedback too. I've seen some great work coming in. I would love to see your Acrostic poem from yesterday, and also Tuesday's Maths :-) Thank you. 

A reminder, our Teams meetings are at 8.45, 9.15, 11 and 1.30 and I expect to see you at these as much as possible. 

Today's learning on teams will be:

Maths: Multiplication. 2 digit numbers multiplied by one digit number  - formal written method with exchange. You can copy the sums in your book as set out on the sheet, or print them. (the 2nd sheet has the answers for your parents). 

English: Check in about our spelling words - prefix 'mis'

                 Writing a Kenning Poem (plus some spelling rules for 'er'). No need to print. 

pm Geography - Facts about Egypt.

Geography - print page 5,6 and 7 of the geography work pages, if you want to set up a fact treasure hunt for your child. Cut up the cards and place around the home - your child goes round to try and fill in the answers to the question sheet. Alternatively, your child can make a factual poster about Egypt today for Geography (location, climate, population, climate, etc), meaning you don't have to print.

Remember, small steps leads to great things. So, if you're finding everything overwhelming, just think what do I need to do next? 1 step at a time. Our Teams meetings are a way to do that, and I'll help guide you through the day. 

Remember to also get some fresh air. It's what I love to do to blow the cobwebs away! You are all superstars!

Mrs Willgoose xx