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Wednesday 25th March

Happy Wednesday, Year 3!

I'm continuing to check to see how you are all doing with the Purplemash tasks. Excellent work going on! Also lots of you have been on Spelling Shed. Maisy was in the lead yesterday for Year 3 ... and Year 3 as a class were in 5th place. Can we go any higher?  I'll also have a look on Times Tables Rockstars. Something new I've tried is to send you an email on Purplemash. See if you can find it on Computing - 2Email.

On our Year 3 blog I've had some great questions, in amongst all the chat about food! Feel free to explore Purplemash, but if you'd like a bit of guidance, anything to do with Ancient Egyptians is a great idea! Plus I've set extra 2DO tasks, if they're needed.

So work for today...


Watch this video link for you today. Go to:

You will need to watch Lesson 5- Tenths as Decimals. There is an activity to complete and the answers are there for your parents. The activity and answers are also below, but you will need to click on the link for the video lesson. You do not need to print off the sheets. It is up to you. You can just write out the answers neatly in your book.


Read the chapter 'And All's Well' from The Butterfly Lion, with an adult if needed. At the end of the chapter is an informal letter written from Bertie to Millie. Can you write an informal letter in reply, from Millie to Bertie, in your Home Learning Book. Think about what Bertie has said, and how Millie might feel or respond to it in her letter. Remember to write as neatly as you can. Paragraphs and punctuation would be amazing. Imagine I'm hovering with my green for growth highlighter and my tickled pink highlighter! You can decorate the page with a picture after you have finished.


I've set you new tasks on Purplemash, on 2DO as follows:

SPAG - The Fox and the Hen

Maths - Monster Multiplication

Reading - Beth on the Nile - Chapter 1 plus multiple choice questions and answers.

Plus any projects and other learning you're currently engaged with. Remember, we are putting a lot on here as guidance, but we realise that you won't be able to complete everything.


So lots to be getting on with! Just do what you can, but try to do the English and Maths each day, plus some reading, as that will keep your skills going. Feel free to tell me about any of your own home inspired learning, that you have been doing with your family.


Make sure to get some fresh air, even if it's only opening a window, and do some exercise, inside if there's no other option. We did Joe Wicks this morning on You Tube at 9am P.E. with Joe Wicks. Great fun. I'm planning on doing it with Emilia tomorrow. This is so important for us all to stay healthy!