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Wednesday 24th February

For resources mentioned below, please see class one drive 

Good morning Year 6,

Welcome to Wednesday! It was a great day of learning yesterday. I proved that you're never too old to learn something new and, as part of our English work, I found out, amongst other things, that

  • Jellyfish have no brain, heart, bones or eyes.
  • Frogs’ legs are designed for jumping and toads' legs for crawling!
  • Polar bears can sniff out prey from 16km (almost 10 miles) away.
  • Meerkats can live for 10 -14 years.

I hope this week’s work is giving you the chance to learn some fascinating new facts too!

Here is today’s timetable –

Early work – Complete a Spag Ninja test. You should have almost finished these by now. If you have, complete one of the tests from the 'bumblebee' grammar booklet which you will find in your second learning pack.

Maths - L.O. – I can calculate with metric measures. After our Teams session, you can watch the video if you would like to -  click here. Then, please work from your text book. You can choose your level of learning. Target Maths  page 105. You will find the answers on the one drive so you can mark your work. For further practice you will find some measurement word problems with answers on the one drive too. 

English - Following from yesterday’s lesson, we will continue to work on non-chronological reports. We will start planning our own reports and I will give you more details in the lesson. There are planning materials for this session on the one drive.

Science - This week we are finishing our work on living things by looking at some very, very small living things, microorganisms! We will learn about different types of microorganisms, whether they are helpful or harmful, and then try and come up with our own. You will need the words 'virus', 'bacteria' or 'fungus' written on separate pieces of paper or separate post it notes, and the 'Make Your Own Microorganism' sheet which you will find on the one drive. When you come to make your own microorganism you can draw it or you might want to make it out of playdough, plasticine, or blu tac. 

Finally, please remember to upload your Special Mission to the one drive when you have completed it. 

What a great day of learning!

Mrs Holt and Mrs Ferryman x