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Wednesday 24th February

Morning Teams at 8.45

Early Morning Work - Handwriting - Everyone is really working hard on their handwriting. Remember to form your letters carefully. Handwriting sheet attached below.

Maths Teams at 9.15 - Statistics - Tally Charts

For today's Teams, I would like you to bring your whiteboard and pen. I would also like you to know your shoe size, and be ready to share it, as part of a tally chart we will create together. I have added a couple of extension activities on Tally Charts as well as the White Rose worksheet, below. 

Maths True or False


The Iron Man Chapter 1 Part 2

The Iron Man Chapter 1 Part 3

The Iron Man Chapter 1 Part 4


Teams at 11 - The Iron Man. Today we will be preparing for our Big Write. We will be investigating what we already know / don't know about The Iron Man, and thinking of similes we could use to describe him. Be ready to write some notes, as we will be sharing ideas that you can use tomorrow. 

Teams at 1.30 - Computing

Robots – Sort the Sequence – See attachment on website.

Then, just for fun, (Linked to your D.T. project) pretend you are a robot that is all broken. Treasure hunt around home of all your pieces. Can you write down / orally say the instructions / algorithm to find the different parts of your robot?

Maths Answer True or False