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Wednesday 20th January

Good morning children. I hope you are ready for another fun day of learning!


Goldilocks walked through the woods to get to the cottage of the three bears. Have a look at this picture and tell an adult what you can see… you can scroll down to print this picture too.

Can you draw your own map of the woods? You need to include Goldilocks’ house, what she might see on the way and the cottage.


Click on the link to practise blending your phase 3 sounds.

Pick a Picture

Scroll down to download the phase 3 activity mats. Please complete page 5 - th.

If you don’t have access to a printer the children can work in their red books, designing their own poster about th.


Click on the link for today's maths lesson

Composition of numbers to 5 (3 groups)

Now try this...

Extension activity – Scroll down to print this fun dice addition game. You can do this without the sheet too by just using three dice and practise adding the numbers on the spots.

NB Parents: This activity is optional and should only be completed if your child is fully secure with the initial section.


RE - Celebrations

In EYFS children will explore what a celebration is and be able to name different family and school celebrations. They will go on to look at celebrations in the local parish church. Children will hear the story of how Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the Temple to present him to God and how they met Simeon and Anna there.

Lesson 1 : Discover what a celebration is, the elements of celebration and how people celebrate

Click on the link to listen (and dance) to this great song...


How did this song make you feel? What do you think this song is about?

Discuss with your child what ‘celebrations’ they know about already. If you have any photographs of celebrations such as birthdays or parties talk about them and why they are special or alternatively, click on the link and discuss the celebrations in the pictures…

Celebrations photo pack

Can you draw a picture of a celebration you have been part of at home? Alternatively, print off a picture and stick it in your red book or you can send it to me on Tapestry.