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Wednesday 20th January

Good morning Year 3. Fluffy Owl is hoping to make an appearance today and see you all at the 8.45 Teams call. If you have anything you want to share; anything at all, this is your chance. Just leave the call if you need to.

At 9.15 we'll have a look at today's Maths, which is all about comparing statements.

Extra Maths for those who would like it, as mentioned on our Teams call this morning.

Then, in English, we'll be looking at fronted adverbials. Introduction to this at 11am.  We use fronted adverbials all the time, and they're easy to use. They just have a fancy name! You'll be amazing at using them today. You can then start thinking about how you might use them tomorrow. I would also like you to make sure you have done your handwriting at some point today.

In the afternoon, at 1.30, we will look at the different resources that show the artefacts from Ancient Egypt. An artefact is something that has been made by a human being, and one that has historical or cultural interest. So basically, we'll be looking at Egyptian objects!

Today, I would like your History work to be sent to your folder (take a photo and upload to the One Drive folder with your name). Thank you. I hope today to have a look at your lovely work in these folders. You are all stars!

Have a lovely day and hope to see you :-) 

Mrs Willgoose x