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Wednesday 19th January


Today the children in school will be having their music lesson with Miss Hunter. Perhaps the children at home can research and learn about music in Ancient Egyptian times? I've added a link to get you started.

Music - Click here. At bottom of page is recording of Tutankhamun's instruments being played


Mr Seuke and his team will be taking the PE lesson this morning in school. Children at home can research what games and toys the Ancient Egyptian played with on this BBC link.

Click here to learn about the games the Ancient Egyptians liked to play


You will need a dice and squared cm paper to draw a bar graph, after you have watched the teaching video and looked at the teaching slides. 

Click here fpr teaching video for Bar Graph activity

Click here for online random dice roller



Today we will again be looking at the use of paragraphs. We shall start writing a biography of Tutankhamun, to be worked on each day, until Friday. The biography can have pictures and drawings accompanying it.

Use yesterday's work, (masters found on Biographies attachment below - information slips 2A and worksheet 2B about Tutankhamun to support)

BBC Clip Paragraphs Click here



Today the children will have a go at making a shaduf out of construction / natural materials / junk materials. They planned a design last week, but can use what they have at home to come up with something. Please see attached plans, etc, to refresh.