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Wednesday 17th June

I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the webinar today. Do come and join us. Maybe today you can think of a funny joke / story to share, as well as something you can show us that you have done? 


I've put your new spellings on Spelling Shed. Head over there if you can. I've also uploaded them as a powerpoint, which you might like to go though, as well as a handwriting sheet (both for left handers and right handers).


Please look at the powerpoint below. I've recorded sections for the children to click on, to guide them through. I've also attached as a PDF, but this won't have the sound recordings. Today, they are preparing their Big Write, planning their draft, although if you want to get ahead, they can do it in one go, and write their final version too. Good luck.


WALT: Measure Perimeter

Maths Video Measure Perimeter