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Wednesday 13th January

Good morning everyone, I hope you are well? Today, I will be doing the Team Sessions from my home, as I will be spending the day planning and focusing on the home learning. 

I would like you to start the day with your handwriting practice sheet. If you're not printing, carefully copy the words onto lined paper instead, really focusing on neatness. Use the handwriting mat that was in your home pack to support, if needed. If you think handwriting is something you really need time to focus on, you could just practise writing individual letters instead. There is a guide attached below, with 4 letter formation mats on.

In Maths, we'll be focusing on the the 4 Times Table and the facts for it. Afterwards, you might like to go on to Times Tables Rockstars to help develop your times tables skills. You really need to learn your tables off by heart, as this will help you so much in so many ways. 

In English, after our Teams meeting at 11, I would like you to complete the grammar exercise below, which this week is about pronouns. You should read the grammar passage first, but I will also read this during the teams session. No need to print, you can just complete the sentences, with the word you have chosen, into your exercise book. Then, following on from yesterday, you need to think about the similarities and differences between the Cinderella story that we know about and The Egyptian Cinderella. See the attachments below for this. I will explain more in our Teams meeting. You can copy the comparison grid into your book, if you want to save on printing. 

In the afternoon, for our TOPIC work, I would like you to further investigate Egypt as it is today, and the River Nile. You will soon see when you do your research that it is steeped in History. Your research can be from any books you have, or you might like to use the links below.

Your task is to design a poster; maybe like one of these:

There are some factual links here:

Introduction to Egypt - Click here

Facts about Egypt

Facts about the River Nile

Also a BBC video bitesize clip (about 5 minutes long) about the Nile River and its importance.

"How does the River Nile help people survive in dry land?" 

BBC Bitesize Clip - River Nile - Click here

Have fun and I'll see you at our live sessions.