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Wednesday 13th Jan

Good morning everyone!

I hope your week is going well and that you were able to create an excellent masterpiece yesterday afternoon! I am really looking forward to seeing some examples of your work, it will be great to get our Year 6 gallery started.

Well done for focusing so well during Teams sessions, I know it’s a different way of working, but I can see that you are trying really hard – brilliant!

Today, both Mrs Ferryman and I will be teaching you so there’s lots to do!

Here’s our timetable for today

 Early work – Spag Ninja from learning pack – mark your own and highlight any wrong answers. The link for this booklet is a the bottom of the page if you need it. 

Maths  - Learning Objective – ‘I can calculate the area of a triangle’ We will learn the formula for calculating the area of a triangle. There will be a Powerpoint for us to work through together, followed by

  1. Triangles Worksheet
  2. Extension activity if you want to do more – class textbook pages 100 and 101 – choose your level of learning. I have emailed the answers and they are one the one drive.

English – The power of a great book –  I will talk to you about this work  by highlighting the key features of the piece and how it should be constructed. You are going to plan the piece of writing today either by talking to someone else about their favourite book, or by writing about your own reading.

There is an instruction sheet for this piece of work at the bottom of the page. 

Also, please make sure that your work from yesterday is completed and stuck into your journal if you printed. 

Science You will need your Purple Mash log if for this lesson.

In Science today we will be starting our new topic, Living Things and Their Habitats.  We will start by filling out our KWL grid to show what we already know about this topic, and what we would like to know. In the lesson we will be learning about classification and how to make a classification key using Purple Mash.

There is a video tutorial for how to use Purple Mash to make your key which, you could watch before our lesson if you'd like to. To find it, log in to Purple Mash and go in to your 2Dos. Click on 2Question, and in the top right hand corner there is a green play button. Here you will find three tutorials, you will only need to watch the first two.

Have a great day! 

Mrs Holt and Mrs Ferryman