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Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Year 3!

How did you get on with the spelling test yesterday? I've been peeking on Spelling Shed and it's great how we've got so many of you up in the league! We're also still retaining our Year 3 crown across the school. Wonderful!  Today is new spellings day. Look at the powerpoint below and have a go at either the word search and then at the code breaker. Use the words on the powerpoint to help you with the code breaker! New spellings are also on spelling shed for you to rack up the points again. 


Complete the maths sheets as far as you can. Watch the video if needed!

Click here for video Equivalent Lengths mm and cm


Today, I'd like you to plan and draft your Big Write.

More Recruits Needed!

Antonius wants to persuade his brother, Marcus, to become a soldier like him.

Help Antonius to write a letter to his brother telling him about life in the army and persuading him to become a legionary too.

See if you can edit your draft yourself afterwards. Have you missed out any punctuation? Spotted any spelling errors? (Tomorrow you can write it up in neat). Look at the presentation (PDF) attached below which will lead you through the different things to consider. Re-watch the video if needed. Writing ideas and paper for your draft, if needed, are on page 2 and 3 of the 'More Recruits Needed' document attached.

Antonius discusses being a Roman Legionnaire Soldier

Have a great day and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible later today at 3.45 on the webinar! I'm hoping to share a Roman story with you and I'd like you to share a funny story, some work or something you've made this past week. 

Mrs Willgoose x