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Wednesday 10th February

Good morning children!


In the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, can you remember where the giant lived?

Today we are going to learn about castles. Have you ever been to a castle with your family? Have a chat to your Mummy or Daddy about it now.

Click on the link to watch this information video about castles…

Can you design / make a castle at home thinking about the things you learned in the video. You could draw a picture, use lego,  junk modelling. Use the pictures for ideas…


Today we are going to practise reading our tricky words. Click on the picture to play a fun tricky word football game...

Extra (optional) activity



Click on the link for today's maths lesson...

Follow up activity

Optional extra activity

Scroll down to print off the I spy Jack and the Beanstalk count to 20 challenge, don't forget to print off the checklist too.

Explorers - RE

Parents if possible, light a candle. 

We are going to be still and quiet and listen to some quiet music that we know from school

Calming music for children

Say this little prayer..

Click on the link for today's RE lesson...




Click on the link for today's story with Mrs Inwood