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Wednesday 10th February




I expect many of you have it, but if you want to download Google Earth, that is what I was showing the children. Link:


Good morning lovely Year 3,

Check in Teams at 8.45

Early Morning Work - Handwriting

Maths Teams 9.15 Pounds and Pence

English Teams 11

Recount writing, using the senses, of your experiences of the snow. I expect from the lovely weekend snow we recently had!
Today we will be planning our writing, but there is nothing stopping you from going on to writing it, and then just checking it over and editing it tomorrow. If you have any photos from the snow to add - I'd love to see them as part of your writing. Alternative writing challenge at the bottom!
Geography Teams 1.30
To investigate geographical features of the River Nile.

Provide children with a copy of the River Nile map and ask them to use the information on the map to answer the questions on worksheet 4B.
OR Cut up the Fact Cards and stick them up around the house (e.g. on walls, windows, doors, etc.). You child can then spend some time walking around the house hunting for the facts that they will need to complete their sheet.
Cairo, 1920, an archaeologist is about to discover the secret of the Egyptian Pyramids.
Watch the funny video.
What did the archaeologist see when he was inside the pyramid? What happened to him. Can you write a recount, writing from the point of view of the explorer?
Begin your writing with:
Standing at the entrance of this mysterious opening, I felt nervous of what might be ahead. Nevertheless, I knew I had to be brave and go inside. I slowly stepped forward and entered the tomb .....
End your writing with:
You will never believe what happened next ..... 
Here are some examples of what I am looking for (written by children a year older than you), to help support you: