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Good morning,

Today I would like the children to start planning their diary entry of their favourite part of a Roald Dahl story. I have attached a diary entry plan to use, this was not in your packs. In the plan the children need to think about which character they are going to write their diary entry from and how that character would be feeling in that part of the story. This plan will help the children to write up their diary entry tomorrow. 

Mathematics- Divide by 10 sheets. I have uploaded the sheets and the answers. Use the PowerPoint (from before) with the sheets as this will go through how to work out the answers to the questions. 

In the afternoon on Wednesday, we normally do art. Today's art is to draw your family in the style of Quentin Blake. In school we have already looked at his art work and created some characters in his style. Once the children have drawn their family send the Illustrations to me at: 

They can add colour too, using anything you may have at home.

If you have any spare time this afternoon, the children could complete the DT in their packs. No pressure to do this as well, a couple of children were asking if they could do it when I was talking to them on Purple Mash. 

Have a lovely day, 

Mrs Osborn

I uploaded a story yesterday in the middle of the day, it is at the end of the Tuesday page.