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Good morning, 

Wednesday's in school are 'Wellbeing Wednesday'.

For Art today I thought the children could create rainbows. 

Today if you have the resources try and make a rainbow with your children and display it in your window for all to see. According to BBC news lots of children across the country are doing this to "spread hope". Here is the link if you wanted to read more about it:

Can you email them to me and we can share them on the school website.

Mathematics today is odd and even sheet, check the link below to see what order the children need to complete the sheet, as they build upon their skills as they progress through the sheets. 

Here is a odd and even game they can play online: 

Literacy- Over the next two days the children can write their story up, using their story plan. In their writing the children should be using a range of punctuation A.,?!', trying to make it interesting for the reader by using adjectives, verbs, adverbs. Once they have finished they can edit their work using a different colour pen, see if they can spot their mistakes. 

I found a story online you might want to share with your children about coronavirus, totally up to you if you want to share it or not.

Have a lovely day, the weather is beautiful at the moment. 

Best Wishes, 

Mrs Osborn