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Using our God-given Talents

Jesus was a great teacher who spent many hours talking to his disciples about how to live their lives in such a way that it would bring them closer to God the Father. We can also learn many important things by listening to the stories Jesus told and thinking carefully about their message.

One of the many stories Jesus told was The Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25: 14-30). The message in the parable tells us all:

  • That we must always try to use the talents God has blessed us with to bring joy and happiness to others
  • We must not waste our talents or hide them away
  • We should always celebrate our talents but never allow our success to make us  boastful
  • We should always celebrate the talents and successes of others and never become resentful of what God has given to others
  • We should always strive to develop our talents by working hard and never giving up, even when things appear difficult

Here at Holy Family we have many, many diverse talents and we enjoy using our talents. We like to work hard to improve our talents both in school and outside school in the evenings, weekends and holidays. So, what type of activities allow the children of Holy Family to display their talents? I started answering this question by speaking to some of our many talented dancers. Here are their stories...

On Friday 6th September, Brogan and Lucy (Yr 6) performed some Irish dancing routines for the whole school during assembly. Both girls had taken part in the Scottish National Competition over the summer break and both had come away with a large haul of medals and trophies. Brogan remains one of the top 6 Irish Dancers in the country for her age group and both girls spoke to the school about the many hours practice they put in each week to perfect their steps and routines. Well done girls...fantastic!

On Friday 13th September, Daniel (Yr 5) 'wowed' everyone in assembly by playing the piano beautifully. Daniel passed his Grade 4 piano examination over the summer break and he treated the whole school to three very different musical pieces, showcasing the talent he possesses. A virtuoso performance Daniel...well done!

On Friday 20th September, we were once again entertained by dancers, although this week it was the turn of Ballet. Sophia, Venere, Philippa, Monique & Erika entertained the school and danced beautifully...despite the fact they couldn't actually find their music on the CD they had brought along! Never mind; like consumate professionals they delivered the performance and everyone in the hall was suitably impressed. Well done girls - fabulous dancing!

On Friday 27th September we received very exciting news about one of our Year 6 dancers. Brogan has been cast in the role of Maggie Cratchitt in the forthcoming UK touring performance of 'A Christmas Carol'. Brogan had to go through a tough schedule of auditions over the summer holidays and had to beat off the challenge of hundreds of other hopefuls to be cast in the role. It is a fabulous achievement by Brogan and a wonderful opportunity to further develop her talent and experience on stage. The whole of Holy Family are very proud!

On Friday 6th December Conor (Year 5)and Niall (Year 3) spoke to the school about kick boxing. The brothers train every week and had recently taken part in a competition with their team. Both boys had won trophies and they proudly displayed these to the school whilst giving an informative presentation about the sport. Once again, it is wonderful to see two of our children dedicating their time to a chosen activity and reaping the rewards for all their hard work and preparation. Well done boys!

On Friday 13th December the Irish dancing girls were back on the floor to give another exciting display of energetic, intricate footwork. Brogan, Lucy, Saoirse, Katie, Shae and Eloise had all taken part with great success in the Londubh Feis in Sheerwater the previous weekend. The girls presented the medals and trophies they had won before giving dancing displays in both heavy and soft shoes...and they looked fantastic in their colourful dresses. Well done to all our dancers and good luck as you continue in your competitions this year.