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Tuesday 9th June

Happy Tuesday 9th June, 2020!

I've seen some lovely examples of things you've been up to recently. There's been cooking, geography and art as just some examples, plus the amazing learning you've been doing in English and Maths. Loving the cardboard box inventions too!

Spelling Shed we've once again knocked all the contest out of the water and we're in first place overall! Santiago has managed to answer 6310 questions correctly on Times Tables Rockstars, and is still leading the school, but James is chasing him with 2,626 questions answered correctly whilst Amy has answered 1,412 questions correctly. Well done to all 3 for answering over a 1000 questions correctly!

There's also a stack of things for you On Purplemash. Don't feel overwhelmed by them, but it's there if you do want to go on. Also just feel free to explore on Purplemash and do your own exploring. It doesn't have to be set for you. See it as an choosing activity sometimes ;-). Whilst you're on there, do pop onto the blog and see if anyone has left any messages. I'm sure everyone would like a hello back!

Do send me your work, as I try to share it with others on the website as soon as I can, or I forward it to the right person. If you're struggling to get motivated, don't worry, but take a breath, and think what you might like to do, that you can share with everyone. Our class page on the website is for you all. Take a look at some of the examples on the gallery. You can do it too; I believe in you. 

Keep requests for books from the reading scheme coming in. I've had about 10 requests so far, so I'll be starting to prepare the packs today. Do send me an email if you'd like this too. I'm also preparing for the class webinar tomorrow (3.45pm) and hope to send out the invitation later this evening. 

Your Tuesday Spelling Test is on Spelling Shed, so go and see if you can get as many correct as you can, whilst ramping up your own personal score and our Year 3 score as well. Good luck!


Have a go at the sheets below. If needed, the video is attached. You need to be able to convert between metres and centimetres.

1 metre (m)  = 100 cm.

100 cm = 1 metre (m)

Click here for video Equivalent Lengths m and cm


I am aware that the link to the Roman soldier clip wasn't working yesterday. My apologies for this. Please watch it today, as it will form the basis of our work this week. We are building up to writing a Persuasive Letter for our Big Write on Thursday.

Today's task is the first sheet on the attachment below. More Recruits Needed! Antonius's brother, Marcus, is trying to decide if he should become a soldier too. Antonius wants to persuade his brother to become a soldier like him. Complete each speech bubble with a good reason for becoming a Roman Legionary (1st sheet only of the attachment below). The information given yesterday should help with this, as well as the video. You don't need to use a sheet. You might choose to draw your own Roman soldier, with speech bubbles of why being a soldier is good.

Remember, a speech bubble just includes what a person is saying. There is no need for speech marks / inverted commas in a speech bubble, nor do you say who is saying it, as the speech bubble leads to the speaker.

Click here for video Roman Soldiers

Good luck! I will be in school today, so I probably won't be able to check emails until later in the day, but keep those book requests coming in and anything you want to share with me!