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Tuesday 8th March

Brother Vincent will visit the class this morning, sometime between 9am and 10am, to talk to the children for 20 minutes or so, as part of the preparations for their First Holy Communion.

Class Visit to Library to change library books (or send small groups out with LSA).

Spelling lesson - Please look at slides on pages 142 - 144 (document attached below, to introduce challenge words. Children can practice new spellings on whiteboards or similar.

Whole School Assembly at 10am.

KS2 Breaktime - it is my duty on the KS2 playground.


English - I can Predict what Hogarth is going to say to The Iron Man.

Read Chapter 3 together of The Iron Man (children share a copy of the text in pairs) until Hogarth starts talking to the Iron Man. The children need to predict what Hogarth’s plan is and what he might say to the Iron Man.

Today, plan the speech using speech bubbles.

Use attached powerpoint, slides 1-3, to support.


Maths - Measure Length - Metres

http://Recap Measure Length (m) White Rose Video if needed

Teaching Slides, Worksheets and answer sheets attached below.

Metre sticks (painted yellow and red) should be in the Maths cupboard.



Children to study the offering of the gifts at Mass (Listening and Sharing Topic - LF4), and draw and label the chalice and paten.

Slide 28 on the attached powerpoint has notes and pictures about the chalice and paten. Also, attached word-cards have definitions of chalice and paten, as well as other sacred vessels.

Chalice comes from the Latin term calix which means a cup. It is the name given to the cup or bowl used for the wine in the central act of Christian worship which is known as Holy Communion, Eucharist or Mass. Traditionally it is made of material which is valued in its country of origin.
The paten is the plate, usually of silver or gold which is used to hold the bread at Holy Communion.

Please do not stick this into RE books, as this lesson will follow on from the St.George's lesson on Thursday, in their books, so I will stick it in next week, on my return.


All homework (Spelling, English and Maths) also goes out today. Info about Homework on yesterday's page. Check with LSA that it is all ready to go. Get any marked as a class etc, if not already done so.