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Tuesday 7th July

Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed last night. 

Remember to do your spelling test today on spelling shed, or get someone to test you. This will be your last official test of the term, so make it great! From tomorrow, I will set you revision words on spelling shed. (P.S. When I last looked, Year 5 were in the lead, even though the Year 3 home schoolers were doing their very best, with numerous places in the top 50! I counted 10 home schoolers in the league on Friday! Amazing!)



Compare Mass

Hopefully your cooking at home will hold you in good stead with this activity too.

Worksheets below!


English / History

Today I want you to compare the Celts and the Romans. Use the worksheet below - no need to print, you can write it neatly in your book to save on printing,  but the 3rd page has the things to include and compare, whilst the 4th page has the answers. 

What are the differences between Romans and Celts?

The Celts were inhabitants of Britain and Northwest of Europe during the Iron Age before the Romans invaded  Britain. The Celtic tribes were territorial people who believed that war was a necessary part of life. The Romans originated from the city of Rome and had controlled parts of Europe (including Gaul (France), Greece and Spain), parts of North Africa and parts of the Middle East. There were many differences between the two cultures. Here is a comparison:

  • Both Celts and Romans liked art. The Romans made mosaics whereas the Celts made patterns with swirly lines and patterns. The Celtic patterns were interwoven such that they looked like knots.
  • The Celts fought for themselves and not as a team. They fought wearing blue body paint. The Romans had well-organised armies and fought as part of a team, wearing uniforms.
  • The Celts believed in many Gods and had religious leaders called Druids. The Celts sacrificed food, objects and people to please the gods. The Romans too believed in many gods, but made offerings of coins and statues.
  • The Celtic men wore trousers and the women wore long dresses, whereas the Romans wore Togas.
  • The main means of entertainment for the Romans was watching chariot races and people fighting each other, whereas the Celts sang songs together.
  • The Celts mainly ate broth. They also ate fish when could catch it. The Romans ate all sorts of animals and fish. They ate eels, poached snails and even cow udders.
  • The Romans had buildings mostly made of stones whereas the Celts made houses from straw and horse dung.
  • The languages they spoke also differed. The Celts spoke old Celtic while the Romans spoke Latin.

This Romans and Celts writing frame template is a great activity to get children thinking about the Romans and the Celts and how they compare. 

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