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Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Year 5.

It's the last day of March and the clocks sprung forward on Saturday night. Now we can all look forward to lighter evenings and hopefully more sunshine.

So work for today...


See 30 tables questions below for you to complete- time yourself so that you can aim to beat your score next week.

Watch this video link for your today. You will need to watch Lesson 2- order and compare decimals. There is an activity to complete and the answers are there for your parents.

Lesson 2 Order and compare decimals

I have set a maths task on Purple Mash for you, comparing decimals.


Below is a powerpoint with the spellings you have to learn for this week. They have the suffix -en. I have added them to spelling shed.

Write a diary entry as Jim. Think about your life on The Lily working with Grimy Nick. Uae a range of conjunctions. Good success criteria to use for your writing are:

-Dear… From

-Include feelings and emotions

-Write about events from that day

-Use informal language (as if to a friend)

-Time conjunctions

I have added a word mat at the bottom of the page to give you some good vocabulary to use. 

Remember to complete some tasks from your project grid in your book, make sure you get some fresh air and do some exercise outside.

I have added the next chapter to read on Purple Mash. You will find it in your 2do list. You need to read the chapter and then answer the questions. Some of you did it yesterday. I hope you are enjoying a new way of reading.