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Tuesday 31st March

So here we are, on the last day of March, and truly rocketing in to Spring. 

Suggested Learning for today:

Tuesday's Spelling Test: Either get an adult to test you, or I have put up a test on Spelling Shed. Do the assignment again first, if you need to, before the test. 

Maths - please look at fractions of a Set of Objects. Please click on the link to watch the teaching video. Questions for you, and answers for your parents are attached below. 

Step 7 - Fractions of a set of objects (1)   (See Week 2, Lesson 2 video clip - Fractions of a set of objects (1) )



Read The Butterfly Lion  - 2 Chapters 'The White Prince' and 'A Miracle, A Miracle!'

Discuss challenging vocabulary and events with an adult if possible.

Design and make a welcome home banner for the White Lion.

Then for fun, you can have a go at some of the french language activities below.  

Maybe you'd like to role-play a French cafe? Suggested menu attached below.


R.E. Self- Giving

LEARNING FOCUS 2:  We should love and respect one another, as God wants us to do.

Jesus was always trying to help his friends understand how they should live their lives.  Here is a parable (that is a story with more than one meaning) about a king passing judgement on his people. This parable can help people change their lives.  Read the story based on Matthew 25: 31-40 (See Parable attached below on either  PDF or Powerpoint)

The current situation is a perfect time to think how we are living this out in everyday life. Have a chat with your family with how you are helping at the moment? It might be something simple, but incredibly important – such as Staying at Home or getting in contact over the phone etc, with others. Can you design a poster, or present in your own way, how you are helping others at this time, when you are at home? The things other people in your family are doing counts too! Put them all on the poster 😉


As usual, I shall add some bits for you on Purplemashin the 2DO folder. Was lovely to hear some of your story ideas today on the blog! I won't add any more bits this week, unless it's Easter related, so it gives you a chance to finish off everything that you've started. I've gone through adding comments to everything I can find, and some of the work has made it to the Display Board. If you know you found something tricky (compass points or capital cities of the UK, look these up and try to learn them!)

I'll see you on the blog at 10.45, with another question to ponder!

Spelling Shed News: 

Last time I looked (Monday 4pm), Jack J was up in 7th place and our score was 85,277,230!  That means we've jumped 8,781,998 points in just one day! Truly staggering!

So top 50 scorers 4th - Santiago, 7th - Jack J, 22nd - Amy, 23rd - Maisy, 24th Edward, 30th - Mia, 33rd - Siobhan, 34th - Oskar, 38th - Darcey, 39th - Maya, 41st - Charlie, 43rd - Beau, 46th - Ruby! We've now had 93% of the class logging on. Such a massive achievement! What will today bring?

Well done all :-) 

Times Tables Rockstars

I''ve managed to log in successfully, and seen that nearly 50% of the class have been on Times Tables Rockstars since school closure. Have a go logging in, but if you're finding it hard, I can email the full instructions to log in. 


Have a great day!