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Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning Year 6, 

Welcome to Tuesday. It was great to see some of you yesterday on the webinar. We aim to repeat this, so hopefully we will be able to get together again soon. I hope you had a good Monday and that you are getting to grips with your new tasks and challenges. Remember that you have your Special Mission to begin and loads of new activities to choose from on the Whole School Learning page. I am enjoying looking at your Learning Projects and will send feedback shortly. If you haven't sent your project to me yet, try to do so this week. 

Here are today's tasks

Joe Wicks PE click here , Mr Seuke fitness,  or a sporting/exercise activity of your choice.

Maths  Rose Maths video at  click here  equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages, resources and answers emailed.

Arithmetic I have emailed a new set of sheets which you can choose from to practise specific arithmetic skills.  

English- spend some time working on  if you can. 

You also have Spag Spotters worksheets, these can be done without printing and I have sent you the answers (emailed)

Reading – take some time to enjoy some reading today, perhaps in a sunny spot if you can. It's paired reading day, so read aloud to someone else, or get them to read to you. 

Special Mission – Start work on Page 2 –  planning your memory box/jar, all details on the task sheet which has been emailed

Whole School Learning – Choose one task to complete, choosing something different from yesterday. 

Remember that from tomorrow, you will be able to collect your project pack from school. Mrs Capindale and I are getting them ready today! 

Have a great day!

Mrs Holt x