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Tuesday 26th January

See Class one drive to access resources detailed below

Good morning everyone,

How did you get on with your map work yesterday? The new Digimaps software is great and I hope your were able to find most of the symbols on your big map. There were few tricky ones and a magnifying glass may have been useful! Fortunately, I was able to fold my paper maps carefully without ripping them! 

Here is the timetable for today - 

Early work – Complete one of the mental tests from your learning pack. Then make sure that you have had a look over yesterday's maths before we begin today. If you did the White Rose sheets but didn't get to the text book pg 25 try some of those before the maths session. 

Maths -  L.O.  -  I understand decimals as fractions

We will be working through some examples together. You will need the White rose sheet click here to watch the video if you need to. 

Then you will be working on Textbook page 50. There is also a challenge activity to do if you have time.

English – First we will mark last week’s work together, so please have that handy.  Then you will need 

  1. Pie Adviser – which explores different points of view
  2. A Smelly Problem – an activity to construct a convincing argument. You will find this in your learning pack. 

Reading -Make sure you do some reading every day. If you don't have your reading journal, you can record your reading on the back page of your learning journal instead.  Today, try to read aloud from a book of your choice. Summarise and review your reading in your journal. Your parents have also been sent a special link for a weekly free copy of The Week Junior  for you to enjoy. 

Art  you will need sketch books and pencils for this lesson.  This is our second lesson exploring shade and tone. I was so impressed with your work last week, I can't wait to see what you do today! Video link for the lesson click here

If you have any time left at the end of the afternoon, perhaps you could work on your art competition entry?

Have a fabulous day! 

Mrs Holt x