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Tuesday 26th January

Hello everyone!

Today we are going to continue with our learning based around the story of The Three Little Pigs.

One of the lovely things about traditional tales is that they have been retold many times and there is often a slight difference to the story.


Click on the link to enjoy this version of the story. NB Parents. If you can't open the link you can click on the tab to the right to download the PowerPoint.

The Three Little Pigs

Can you complete a story map in the correct order. Scroll down to print off this sheet...

Can you cut out the pictures and stick them into the correct parts of the story? Alternatively, can you draw you're own map of the story in your red book?


Click on the link for today's phonics lesson with Mrs Evans

Learn to read ai

Play this fun game and practise reading words with the ai sound

Reading words with ai

Extra challenge (Optional)

Scroll down to print off the phonics activity mat (page 1 only)


Click on the link for today's input...

Session 2 - Full and Empty

Follow up activity

As an extra challenge (optional), scroll down to print off the following capacity sheet. Can you cut out the pictures and arrange from empty to full.


Try this fun activity...

You could use LEGO, wooden blocks, junk modelling, boxes... Be as creative as you can!

Once you have built your strong house, print and cut out the finger puppets - can you act out the story for an adult? Remember to change your voice for the different characters.