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Tuesday 26th January

Happy Tuesday, Year 3!

I look forward to seeing you at our Teams meetings. How did you do with the tooth diagram yesterday? It's amazing to think of all the awesome parts of a tooth!

Please do arithmetic today. Time yourself or take your time - both are great to me, as long as you are learning and improving your skills whilst you are at it! Remember to have some scrap paper and draw out the problems to help you if needed. Draw ones, tens, hundreds etc. 

Then, for Maths at 9.15, try to have your multiplication square ready (there is one in your pack from last week; I think in one of the booklets), as well as your whiteboard, pen and rubber. I am going to be showing you the method of partitioning numbers to help with multiplication, as well as showing you the grid method of multiplication. For today's work, there are too many on the attachment work below, but maybe print / write out 10 questions to have a go at independently from the sheets. You could draw the multiplication grids into your Maths exercise book (the squared one). 

At 11, we are going to look at acrostic poems and how you can create your own, around the word E G Y P T, or with an Ancient Egyptian theme. The challenge today will be to include an example of alliteration in your acrostic poem. Hope you're feeling ready for the challenge. Have your mind map ready from yesterday, as it might be useful. I'm super excited and have been trying to write my own alliteration lines, ready for our Teams meeting.

In the afternoon, we keep with the Egyptians, and are looking further at the Pharaohs as part of our History lesson. You can do a fact file or a poster about one of the Pharaohs. I'd recommend not Tutankhamun, unless he is new to you, as many of you found out more about him last week. Any books you have that includes any information about the Pharaohs would be useful for this. 

Pharaohs Information - Ducksters Website

Pharaohs Information - Homework Help website

Happy Tuesday, and well done for your patience yesterday afternoon as we attempted to make our teeth structure diagrams!