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Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning everyone welcome to a new day of fun learning.

Topic / Literacy

Today we are are continuing our learning about human growth. Click on the book  to listen to this beautiful story about growing up...

Why are the adults described as giants?

Why did the baby become a giant at the end of the story?

Who is the eldest - John or Jill? How do you know?

Follow up activity

Are there any giants in your house? Draw a picture of your family in order of size, who is the giant?


Part 1

Today we are going to learn a new digraph ar. Click on the link for the lesson introduction...

Part 2

 Click on the link to listen to this funny story...

Follow up activity

Can you make a simple telescope? You could use a toilet / kitchen roll (or two) or some rolled up paper. Go on a phonics hunt around the house (or outside) and find as many things with the ar sound as you can. You can write a list or tell an adult what you find.


Click on the picture for today's maths lesson...


Follow up activity

Option 1


Option 2

Scroll down to print off the  worm measure activity


We are going to complete an active challenge this afternoon. Let's start by warming ourselves up with Jump Start Jonny. Click on the link to join in with 'Everything is Awesome'...

Part 2 - this activity can take place indoors or outdoors depending space / safety. You can scroll down to print / open this challenge too.