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Tuesday 23rd February

Happy Tuesday! How very lucky am I! Just beautiful ... thank you :-) 

Morning Teams at 8.45 - looking forward to seeing you there :-) 

Early Morning Work -Arithmetic Sheet 14. Are you getting quicker? Getting more right? 

Maths Teams at 9.15 - Money - Give Change

Maths True or False

English Teams at 11

The Iron Man - Chapter 1. I am also attaching a version that I recorded from the lock down last year, that you might enjoy. 

Mrs. Willgoose reads The Iron Man Chapter 1, Part 1

Today we will also be learning about Powerful Verbs. Please complete the work as attached below. 

Teams at 1.30 - Design Technology

Researching Clayton Bailey – robot sculpture. You will be designing a model robot. Recycled Robots with Clayton Bailey. Collect materials / parts for your robot needed. (Don’t build yet – you need the pieces to do your computing activity tomorrow!) See attachment on website.

Maths True or False Answer