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Tuesday 16th June


If you are ready to return your whole pack of reading books, please do so today, in the drop box (if wet, in Reception area by the offices or if dry, out on the grass by the main entrance). Please take your time though with the books - there is no expectation for you to return them every week! Packs to go out will be on Thursday.


Spelling Test - Please either do a written test or take yourself over to spelling shed and complete it on there. Good luck!


English - 

This week you will be writing a persuasive piece of writing that is based around your skills and qualities. Today, I want you to think about the skills and qualities you possess.

Questions?    What is a quality?

                            What is a skill?

Look at the attached presentation. Once you have looked at it, make a note of the skills and qualities you possess. Can you then write a paragraph about these skills and qualities?

This task is leading up to you writing about your qualities and skills so you can be sold at a Roman slave market .... but more about that tomorrow!

Think positively about yourself for this task. Feeling strong? I've seen you in P.E.! Are you an amazing chef? Of course you are! Know all about fashion and accessories? I've seen your wardrobe!



WALT: Subtract Lengths

Maths Subtract Lengths Video