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Tuesday 13th July 2021

Good morning my lovelies,

This morning, for English, I'd like us to revise adverbs, adverbial phrases and fronted adverbials.We'll go over the use of these in the Teams meeting at 9.30. I know we've not got whiteboards at the moment, but bring along paper and a pencil to have a go during the session. Then there is a worksheet to have a go or a game to play if you're building your confidence.


For Maths, you will be learning how to - Measure Mass. Please watch the video and have a go at the worksheet. This also gives you a good opportunity to ask if you can get out the kitchen scales, to help with your learning ;-) 

Measure Mass Video


This afternoon, in our 1.30pm teams, we will be looking at why the Romans wanted to invade Britain. What did we have as a country that was so attractive to them?

What did we do for the Romans video

For your work, I would like you to draw a spider diagram of why they wanted to invade (it's not an actual spider, but I will show you what I mean) and there are attachments below to help. You need to add drawings and extra detail to the basic spider diagram which has been provided below.