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Tuesday 12th Jan

Good morning everyone,

It was so lovely to see you yesterday! We are all learning new skills as we go and we will be remote learning experts by Friday! I have now set up the one drive link so that you can easily access all the resources you will need every day. I will also put them at the bottom of this page so you can click here too. You will shortly have a link to your own one drive folder so that you can upload work for me to see.

Here is the timetable for today. 

Early work – Complete one of the mental tests from your learning pack. Then make sure that you have finished pages 1 and 2 of yesterday’s maths. If you did the 2 star pages you can continue with those. If you finished both of those, there is an area investigation at the bottom of this page which you can do with or without printing.

Maths -  L.O. ‘I can calculate the area of compound shapes when not all measurements are given’.

 This is the second lesson on area of compound shapes. What happens if you are not given all the measurements around the sides of the shape? What is the best way to use what you know in order to find out what you don’t know?

You will need the two and three star challenges from yesterday’s maths pack.  

Then class textbook pages 96 or 97 – choose your level of learning.

English L.O.  - ‘I can categorise texts according to their features’ and ‘I can identify the features of an argument’.

For this work you will need the following sheets. If you are printing off, you will need some highlighters or coloured pencils too.

  1. Text Detectives parts 1 and 2
  2. Reading comprehension on text features parts 1 and 2 

Reading -Make sure you do some reading every day. If you don't have your reading journal, you can record your reading on the back page of your learning journal instead.  Today, try to read aloud from a book of your choice. Summarise and review your reading in your journal. 

Art  you will need sketch books and pencils for this lesson.  Access to Youtube for the interactive part would also be helpful.

We will be exploring the work of JMW Turner. If you want to do some background learning for this lesson, use the link in the art section on the ‘Learning in Year 6’ big sheet

  1. Paul Priestley video using new sketching pencils.  How to Draw a Sunset - YouTube  If you can’t get online, you could have a go at the still life activity from the big Learning in Year 6 sheet. I will explain this during the input.

Here are some more links if you need them: Tate Kids - who was JMW Tuner?

There is a great interactive game here if you have a laptop. Tate Kids - how to paint like Turner

Here is a link so that you can create your own sunset box. Make your own sunset box - inspired by JMW Turner

I am really looking forward to seeing some amazing work. These pictures could be our first gallery entries! 

Finally, please remember if you have lots of extra activities in your pack if you finish anything and have some time to spare. I would suggest as further activities - 

  1. Make sure yesterday's Geography is finished.
  2. Have you done your learning journal cover yet? 
  3. Vocab Ninja booklet - test yourself - use your Spag mat if you get stuck
  4. Science test booklet or even an experiment if you have time and permission
  5. Purple Mash
  6. Island research – Google Earth or Google maps would be a good place to start. There are also web links on the sheet provided.

Have a fabulous day! 

Mrs Holt x