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Good morning, 

I hope everyone is well, 

Today we normally start our day off with a trip to the library. Choose a book from home to share together. 

After the library we have English. Today the children can plan their alternative ending to 'The Twits'. Use the story plan to support this, it is the worksheet with the 4 boxes on it. Ask your child to think about what will happen after Mr and Mrs Twit get home? What will they find has happened to their house? Where will they get stuck to the glue? How will the story end? The answers to those questions can be for each box. When they have finished they can draw a picture and make sure they have used capital letters and full stops? The purpose of this activity is for them to think of a new ending not copy the ending that they know. 

Mathematics- Choose one of the arithmetic sheets for the children to work through. Make sure they read the question right, do they know the symbols?

Topic work- RE 

Explore the CAFOD website and find out about CAFOD Lenten calendar daily activities.

I hope everyone is getting on ok. I tried to upload a video of me reading a story but I can't seem to get it to work. I will find a solution soon. Please remember this is a new experience for us all, just try and do as much as you can :) I think the thing that they will find the longest to do today is the English. 


Mrs Osborn