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Thursday 9th July

Good morning everyone! 

Today is the day I remind you about times tables. How are yours coming along? Whatever standard you're at, they're not going to go away, so get yourself on Times Tables Rockstars and keep having a go at getting better. Having a go regularly will really help. 


Today it is the turn of capacity, so your cooking will have come in handy again!

If you need the video it is attached.

Measure capacity video - click here

History / English

Descriptive, catchy, educational song about Boudicca

Click here for a poem about Boudicca read aloud.

Today, I would like you to use all the things you now know about Boudicca (may also be spelt Boudica or Boadicea) and write a Wanted poster. You can do this on Purplemash, where I have set it as a 2DO, along with some other Boudicca activities. Alternatively, you can use the template below, or do it straight into your book.

Mrs Willgoose x