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Thursday 8th July 2021

Good morning Year 3! For many of you who support England this will be a very good morning indeed! I'll miss you coming into school full of your chat about the football, so I hope you'll bring it to the Teams meeting instead. I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Teams at 9.30am and then again at 1.30pm. In between I shall put the White Rose Maths and teaching video for you to do, to keep those end of term brains ticking just a little longer! 

English Teams Meeting

Today, in the 9.30 Teams, we'll have a look at some ideas of things you could include in a diary account - writing about the Day Vesuvius erupted - OR - HOT OFF THE PRESS - a piece of writing about the football. Your Man of the Match etc. Anything you like. If you support another country, you can write about your team or your favourite player. I'll make a Euros page on our class website page. 


Please make sure you can confidently use and understands the meaning of these words. We've been doing lots of physical activity in relation to these words, but I think they still need consolidating. There are the white rose sheets to go with the videos if needed. If you can't print them off, please talk about them on screen.

Horizontal and Vertical 

Horizontal and Vertical Video

Parallel and Perpendicular

Parallel and Perpendicular Video

1.30 pm Teams Meeting - Science. We'll be looking at volcanoes as part of our Science (rocks) and Cross Curricular focus of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. 

What is a Volcano? Video Link

Once again, don't worry about printing. You can use the resources here to draw your own cross-section of a volcano and maybe use the cloze exercise to write  about it. Be creative, be brave and be you :-) 

Keep reading for me - please, please, please :-) 

Mrs Willgoose x