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Thursday 4th June

Good morning Year 6,

Thank you to everyone who has collected thier packs so far. It's OK to eat the Squashies, you don't need to save them for anything, but ask permission first! 

Welcome to Thursday, here are your tasks for today -

Joe Wicks PE click here   Mr Seuke fitness or  a sporting/exercise activity of your choice.

Maths White Rose video at click here  percentages of an amount  (resources emailed)

Today you can start working on page 4 of your  Special Mission – your self portrait. Remember that you can use any medium you like and that your portrait should be head and shoulders only. If you can make the background bright and colourful that would be fantastic. Perhaps you could use the background to say something more about you, your personality or your interests. 

Click here to see a useful video which shows you how to proportion a face properly. 

In the afternoon, go to Whole School Learning – Choose one task to complete, click here to access the page and then choose the activity you would like to do. You can work on your own or with another member of your family, there are activities to suit everyone. I've already seen some excellent efforts so keep sending me your work! 

Have a great day

Mrs Holt  x