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Thursday 4th June

Hello Year 3. Thursday already!

Keep going with your fantastic learning. You have been an inspiration to me with how you have kept going in a true Holy Family way. I'm very proud of you. 


I think today would be a good day to watch the teaching video as we haven't covered estimating for a long time, or see if you can get a grown up to sit with you. Then have a go at the white rose sheets, getting as far as you can within a reasonable amount of time.

Click here for estimating video



Complete your Big Write - your poem about the She Wolf. You can write it up as neatly as you can in your exercise book. Then you can send it to me at the address. I can't wait to see them!


Have you headed over to Spelling Shed yet this week? I've popped over as I haven't checked the leaderboards for a while. I was in for an amazing surprise. Year 3 are second overall, but Darcey has been on and is the TOP speller in the school right at this moment (1.29pm on Wednesday!). Amazing, Darcey! I've also spotted Ruby (8th), Beau (10th), Maisy (27th) and Theo (34th). Well done to you all :-)


After popping over to Spelling Shed, I decided that maybe I should check out Times Tables Rockstars, and get acquainted with all the features. Yet again, I was in for a wonderful surprise. I saw that in June; Jack B, Claudia, Max, Amy, Maya, Mia, James, Pepper and Charlie have all been on, racking up their score. Even more of a wonderful surprise though was waiting for me on the school leaderboard. Tito is in first place on there, answering questions for all of the times tables at an average of 1.68 seconds!  Best in school ... in Year 3! Wowsers! Now I'm just hoping we can get the school up higher on the leaderboard amongst the local schools in the area. Together we can do it!


I've put some new bits and pieces up on Purplemash, as well as written a blog, so maybe head over there if you are looking for something to do. There is no expectation for you to complete these 2DO's, they are there if you would like to do them. They are all fairly 'game' or art led, so nothing too demanding. If there is something explicit I would like you to use on there, I will always make it clear to you.


Have you managed to do any of the Whole School Learning this week? The group or 'bubble' I'm working with have had a go at the Art (snail), RE - Pentecost - we did the fantastic flame and dove idea and tomorrow we are going to do some planting for Science. 

Tomorrow it's over to Mrs Clay for Friday. Have an amazing weekend.