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Thursday 4th February

For resources detailed below, please see the class one drive. 

Thursday 4th February

Good morning Year 6,

Welcome to Thursday! I hope you are having a great week of learning. Well done for completing some fabulous  work already this week, you are doing brilliantly!

Here is our timetable for today - 

Early Work – Arithmetic quick burst - Booklet from new learning pack  - Addition and Subtraction – The answers for this book and the previous booklet multiplication and division can be found  by clicking here

Maths – L.O. – I can calculate the percentage of amounts  We will build on yesterday’s work by completing the maths tasks below. There is also a fortune teller for you to make if you would like to. Please spend some time today checking your understanding of this week’s maths learning objectives so far.  Please try to upload examples of your maths work at the end of the week and let me know if you would like any help with anything.

For our English lesson, please bring your advertisement to our Teams session. We will share some work and then develop our thinking further by writing a promotional paragraph to go with our products.  

RE – we have been looking at how the Bible is constructed. We are are going to explore a sacred text – The Lindisfarne Gospels - in today’s lesson. Access to British Library viewer  will be useful for this activity. There is also a clip here  for you to watch before the lesson.  We will start our work by exploring some of the beautiful pages and you will complete some research before creating an illuminated letter of your own. There are examples to help you with this on the class one drive.

Have a great day!

Mrs Holt x